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About the place of manufacture

All the furniture of Emoono is manufactured in Taiwan.
Emoono’s parent company is a professional manufacturer of aluminum extrusion. With more than 30 years of manufacturing experience, we specializing in the production and processing of various types of industrial profiles. We are the specialist of Taiwan aluminum industry.

About material

Emoono Home chooses high-recycling, high utilization aluminum materials to make furniture, and focus on every detail. In order to implement zero waste of resource recycling, some products are made of recycled aluminum. Take single product furniture LIXT as an example: Not only the plates are made of recycled aluminum; other accessories such as cover plates are made of recycled PP; the back plate is made of pet material. Even if it’s just a small mortise fitting, it is made of nylon fiber re-polymerized from fishing nets.
Emoono is the best choice for your green life.

About product ordering and warranty

1. How long will it take to receive the product after placing the order?
- Limited stock will be available of Emoono Home single products,After LIXT and the bunk bed group receive your remittance notice, a specialist will contact you to confirm the shipment and arrival time (Click here to return remittance information)
- The manufacturing process of system and fine furniture begins only after a confirmed customer order is received. A specialist will contact you after the order is confirmed. If you need more assistance, please contact us directly. (Click here to contact the specialist)
- Click here for the customized service process of the system cabinet.

2.10-year warranty service
All products of Emoono Home Furnishing are covered by a 10-year warranty on structure and hardware. Except for structural damage and appearance stains caused by human factors or improper use, the warranty is not covered.
The ten-year period starts from the day you received the product: Start on the first day of the warranty period on the day of signing the product receipt, you can enjoy free warranty repair service during effective product warranty period. If the warranty period expires, fees will be charged according to the maintenance situation.
If you need to ship, it depends on the actual demand, and calculated according to the standard tariff of Emoono goods delivery service.

3.Emoono values the promise to every customer, only the following situations are not covered by the warranty service:
- Damage to parts and structures due to improper operation, personal usage habits or pet factors.
- Cutting, scratching, impact caused to foreign objects or external forces, or damage caused by natural disasters or accidents.
- Damage caused by self-disassembly, repair or modification.
- Only the person who bought the item can make a claim. This warranty is non-transferable and the warranty will cease if the product is sold or given to a third-party.

※I want to ask about other ordering and warranty issues (Click here to contact the specialist)

Method of payment

Thank you for ordering Emoono Home products.
Leave an extra tree for the earth, starting from choosing aluminum furniture.
Please within one week after placing the order:
Bank transfer
ATM transfer
Network ATM

【Remittance information】
Hua Nan Commercial Bank (Guanyin Branch)
Account Name: Emoono Home Co., Ltd
Bank Code:008
Deposit Account: 260-10-102108-5

About product manufacturing and environmental safety

Speaking of factories, perhaps many people are still stuck in the stereotype of dim light and dirty environment. In fact, Taiwan’s manufacturing industry has long since left the labor-intensive production stage. Most factories have long been transformed into a bright, well-lit and well-ventilated working environment.

And in order to promote green homes to achieve the ideal of resource sustainability, Emoono’s parent company-ABBA Light Metal Technology Co., Ltd. Located in Taoyuan Xinwu Innovation Park. Uphold the corporate philosophy of both profitability and environmental friendliness, strictly control the emissions produced during the manufacturing process, regularly accept inspections by environmental protection units, and ensure that the discharge and maintenance of air, water quality, and soil comply with regulations.

Environmental protection
Aluminum requires a lot of water in the anodizing process. Therefore, perfect water planning and recycling of water resources have always been the subject of Emoono’s efforts. The waste water generated during the manufacturing process in the parent company ABBA Tech’s factory is treated by a strict filtration system and discharged to the sewer only after it meets the management standards. In order to monitor the factory around the drainage is safe and pollution-free, ABBA Tech specially raises a large number of Koi fish in the drainage ditch of the factory. Koi fish is not only beautifying the environment, but a healthy and vigorous fish school is also an indicator of whether the discharge of water is clean and safe. *Energy Saving Use solar to cut down on carbon emissions: 47% of ABBA Tech’s electricity consumption comes from solar power. 23,000 solar power modules installed on the roof of the factory. Annual power generation capacity reaches 7.4 million kWh, reducing carbon emissions by 4,600 tons in total, it is equivalent to planting 385,000 trees annually (equivalent to 10 Ta-an forest park). It’s the largest solar power plant of north Taiwan.

Aluminum is a 100% recyclable recycling resource; reuse of aluminum scraps generated in the recycling process, it can also reduce the consumption and energy saving of raw materials.

Waste treatment
1. Emoono’s parent company uses one single aluminum raw material to ensure the purity and stability of the alloy.
2. The sludge generated after aluminum manufacturing does not contain eight heavy metals after testing. After going through strict procedures, finally, it is recycled by a qualified environmental manufacturer.
3. The recycled sludge, even if it is waste, can still be effectively reused. For example, depending on the purpose, it can be made into cement or pedestrian bricks.
4. Aluminum is a safe and recyclable natural resource.

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